He's an angel and also the attendant of the God of Destruction of the 7th universe. Nobody knows more about him.
ID # 131 Height 6' 03"
Species God Fighter Weight 143.3 lbs.
Type Psychic
Evolves from None
Evolves into None

Serene Grace: Promotes added effects.

Location(s) Find Aurora ticket next to the Memorial Pillar - then take the boat to Birth Island (Deoxy's spot) and solve the puzzle to battle him (Lvl 70) (Note: you can fight him multiple times until you win or catch him, after which he disappears).

Moves Learned Edit

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 God Fist Fighting 10 100 200 -
5 Shield Psychic 15 - - Raises SP. DEF sharply
10 Katchin Steel 20 - - Raises DEFENSE and SP. DEF
20 Miracle Psychic 5 - - Heals all party status problems
25 Divination Psychic 40 100 - Foe cannot increase evasion
30 Heal Psychic 10 - - Heal user or ally for 1/2 full HP
45 Ordeal Psychic 5 - 200 Never misses

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