Adding and updating a Fighter

The easiest way to create a page is to go to the non-existent page you want to create. E.g., this way you'll know if the page exists or not. Make sure to replace any spaces with underscores, e.g. /wiki/SSJ Goku becomes /wiki/SSJ_Goku.

Once you're on the page, you'll see a 'Create' button to start editing the page.

When editing, there is a template called 'FighterBox' which you'll need to use by clicking 'Insert' -> 'Template' and then search for 'Fighter' and it'll show up. Click it and it'll insert it into the page as well as ask for all the information necessary to display the character details. Using the template ensures consistency throughout all Fighters and changes to page layout can be made easily.


Fighter images and sprites can be screenshotted from the game itself easily using Visual Boy Advance + Photoshop.

1. Find the Fighter in your Scouter menu . Open-character-in-scouter

2. Enlarge the size of the emulator for a higher quality sprite.


3. In Photoshop or similar editing program, highlight the sprite and copy over to a new document.


4. Highlight and delete the background onto a transparent layer. In Photoshop, this can be easily done with the Magic Wand tool. Make sure that once it selects the background color, it doesn't also highlight the eyes or other detail, check that only the outside is selected before deleting.


Now that you've got that, crop the image to the exact size of the sprite. The image above has space above and to the left of the sprite which would need to be cropped.

Note: Be sure to name it using the naming convention {Scouter Number}{Fighter Name}.png

For example, SSJ3 Goku would be 003SSJ3_Goku.png

If for some reason the image is available but not named correctly, add in the filename to the 'image' field that the FighterBox template asks for.

After adding a new Fighter

Once a new Fighter has been added, please add or update the information on the Fighters page and link it to the new page.

Follow the instructions above for getting the image of the overworld sprite, make sure to use the 1x video size when getting the sprite for this one.


All done

I'll be keeping this up to date with new information and instructions as necessary but feel free to update if needed.

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