079Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan
He's a young Saiyan and he needs experience to be a grand fighter.
ID # 079 Height 4' 11"
Species Novice Fighter Weight 116.8 lbs.
Type Fighting
Evolves from None
Evolves into SSJ Teen Gohan (Lv 16)

Potential: Ups DEFENSE if suffering.
Guts: Ups ATTACK if suffering.

Location(s) Route 7 (Lvl 17-18) – Rare (<10% chance)
Two Island @ Cape Brink (Lvl 30-35)

The term "Teen Gohan" is commonly used to refer to Cell Games Gohan, though he was 11 at the time.

Evolutions Edit

Teen Gohan can evolve as such:

Kid Gohan and Teen Gohan are two different fighters that can be caught separately and evolved differently, as such:

The following forms for Gohan are not included in the game:

  • SSJ Grade 4 (Full Power SSJ / Mastered SSJ)
  • SSJ2 (Adult) Gohan

Moves Learned Edit

Has the exact same moveset order as SSJ Teen Gohan, but learns some moves at different levels.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Kick Fighting 35 95 50 -
5 Concentrate Normal 20 - - Raises crit. chance (unknown %)
8 Mach Punch Fighting 30 100 40 Hits before foe
12 Masenko Fire 25 100 75 -
18 Kamehameha Fire 20 100 100 -
24 Energy Punch Fighting 15 100 85 Raises ATTACK (30% chance)
30 Dragon Rush Fighting 20 95 90 -
40 Hyper Mode Normal 15 - - Raises SP. ATK sharply

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