079Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan
He's a young Saiyan and he needs experience to be a grand fighter.
ID # 079 Height 4' 11"
Species Novice Fighter Weight 116.8 lbs.
Type Fighting
Evolves from None
Evolves into SSJ Teen Gohan (Lv 19)

Potential: Ups DEFENSE if suffering.
Guts: Ups ATTACK if suffering.

Location(s) Route 7 (Lvl 17-18)
Two Island @ Cape Brink (Lvl 30-35)

Evolutions Edit

Teen Gohan's evolved forms are SSJ Teen Gohan (19) and SSJ2 Teen Gohan (34). Kid Gohan and Adult Gohan are two different Fighters that must be caught and evolved separately. FPSSJ Teen Gohan is not included in the game.

Moves Learned Edit

Has the exact same moveset order as SSJ Teen Gohan, but learns some moves at different levels.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Kick Fighting 35 95 50 -
5 Concentrate Normal 20 - - Raises crit. chance (unknown %)
8 Mach Punch Fighting 30 100 40 Hits before foe
12 Masenko Fire 25 100 75 -
18 Kamehameha Fire 20 100 100 -
24 Energy Punch Fighting 15 100 85 Raises ATTACK (30% chance)
30 Dragon Rush Fighting 20 95 90 -
40 Hyper Mode Normal 15 - - Raises SP. ATK sharply

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