This page lists the changes made in the newer releases of DBZ: Team Training. If you have an old version of the game and don't know if it's worth switching over to the newer version (save transfers are possible in some, but not all, instances), this page is for you!

The latest release of Team Training can be found here.

For information on how to transfer your save from an old version to a newer version, please check these links:

Important Notes Edit

If you already have a save, you don't need to restart the game from the beginning. Just replace your current rom file (.gba) by the new version. Delete the old rom if you want.

You need to keep your save file of course (.sav or .sgm). sav = normal save, sgm = save state. Rename it so that the rom and the save have the same name (like Dragon Ball Z-Team Training V5.sav). On Android, the rom and the save are automatically placed in the same folder. On a PC, make sure to put them in the same folder (with the emulator too).

Version 5 – July 23, 2017 Edit

Rom File: Download (Dropbox)

Patch: Download (MediaFire)

Game Changes: Edit

  • New Fighters (5): Frost, Frost 2, Frost 3, G-Ape Baby, and Rage Trunks.
  • New Item (1):
    • Shell Bell: replaced HM Surf—just hold it to be able to surf across water on Roshi's turtle regardless of fighter. Given by the guy who gives HM Surf in the Secret House in Babidi Zone. Also need Babidi Badge to use.
  • New Moves (2): (For the new fighters only:) Death Needle, Genki Sword.
  • The National Scouter is automatically given when Dragon League is beaten. The previous requirement of catching 60 fighters has been removed.

Aesthetic Changes: Edit

  • New backsprites for Burter and Pui Pui (credit to Saucemonkey1, who also did G-Ape Baby's sprites).

Version 4 – February 17, 2017 Edit

Rom File: Download (Dropbox)

Patch: Download (MediaFire)

Game Changes: Edit

  • New Fighters (7): Zamasu, M-Zamasu, Black Goku, SSR Black, SSG Vegeta, SSB Gohan, and SSB Vegeto
  • The base stats have been increased for Beerus, Whis and SSB Vegeta.
  • LSSJ Broly can now have the Huge Power ability in addition to Blaze.
  • The legendary Vegeta in the wild is now SSG Vegeta instead of SSB Vegeta.
  • New Item (1):
    • God Stone: for the evolution into SSG. Can be used on SSJ3 Goku, Majin Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, and SSJ Vegeto (for SSB Vegeto) at any level. Only three (3) are available in-game: (i) from Gowasu (after capturing/beating Zamasu and Black), by Whis (held item) and Beerus (held item). You can still catch the SSG version of your starter in the wild.
  • New Moves (6): (For the new fighters only:) Final Kamehameha, Black Kamehameha, Black Ball, God Blades (the official name "blades of judgment" is far too long), God Slicer, Lightning.
  • EVs (Effort Values) have been changed: They were not modified at all before, but now each character has custom EVs.
  • Zamasu and Goku Black are on Navel Rock, you need the Mystic Ticket to go there. This ticket is given by Gowasu in Outcast Island.

Aesthetic Changes: Edit

  • Back sprites for ten (10) fighters have been improved: Frieza 1, 2 and 3, Vegeta, Saibaman, Piccolo, SSJ Gohan, C-18 and Bojack 1 and 2 (credit to Carlos Pestana).
  • A wonderful Saiyan space pod has been added inside the museum in Saiyan Realm (you can't use it however), and Dragon Ball statues have been added in Enigma Mansion (credit to Ecureuil).

You need to go to the thread on Pokecommunity here if you want to know more details, since there's a lot of info.

Version 3 – June 22, 2016 Edit

Game Changes: Edit

  • New Fighters (3): SSJ Bardock, Golden Oosaru, and Hit
    • Scouter IDs will be shifted up by 2 from Bardock (#28) onward because of SSJ Bardock and Golden Oosaru. Fighters with a higher Scouter ID will be affected in the Scouter Index (but you won't lose the Fighters you have).
  • The base stats of Turles have been increased slightly
  • Added Aqua to grass patches of Routes 12 and 13 so the player can catch him without a rod
  • The catch rate of Broly, Bojack and Hatchiyack are higher (it's harder to catch them now)
  • Replaced the Smeargle of the trainer Etna in Tanoby Ruins with Golden Frieza
  • New Move (1): Time-Skip (exclusive to Hit)
  • Increased the accuracy of Makankosappo from 40 to 50 (to balance with power of 170 since it's not a OHKO move)
  • Fixed map glitch (it indicated West City instead of Satan City when player is in Satan Mansion)

Aesthetic Changes: Edit

  • Some Fighter names changed (e.g. Freezer → Frieza, Dabra → Dabura, Chaozu → Chiaotzu, LSJ Broly → LSSJ Broly, etc.)
  • Some move names changed from Japanese to English (e.g. Ryuken → Dragon Fist, Kyodaika → Giant Form)
  • Replaced the description of Cell Shift with the one for Sketch, which is more accurate to the move's effect
  • Added shiny sprites (recolored original fighter sprites, instead of empty sprites in previous versions)
  • Remade the back sprite of Oosaru

Goku Trainer Mod – May 18, 2016 Edit

This mod does not carry over to future versions of the game; it is an optional variation to Version 2 with the following changes:

  • Red's sprite is replaced with Goku as a trainer (preview here)
  • Flying replaces the running option, and Flying Nimbus replaces the bicycle

Version 2 – April 11, 2016 Edit

Game Changes: Edit

  • New Fighters (4): Whis, Golden Frieza, SSB Goku, and Baby Vegeta
  • The base stats of Yamcha have been increased slightly
  • Evolution of JanembaSuper Janemba dropped from Lvl 50 to 45
  • Evolution of SSJ Teen GohanSSJ2 Teen Gohan dropped from Lvl 36 to 34
  • New Moves (4): God Kamehameha (for SSB Goku); and Miracle, Ordeal and Divination (for Whis)
  • Move ID of 10x Kamehameha changed from #105 (Recover) to #220 (Pain Split), because this move allowed the other fighters in the party from the menu to be healed

Aesthetic Changes: Edit

  • Opening scene now has Goku and Vegeta (replacing Nidorino and Gengar)
  • Special fighter sprites added to end-game credits (SSJ3 Goku, Majin Vegeta, and Ultimate Gohan)
  • Pokeball sprites changed when a fighter is caught (next to the health bar and in the scouter as well), and the sprites while healing the party in the Heal Center (now shows capsules)
  • The back sprite of Bear Thief has been changed
  • The color palette of TM/HM sprites in the bag
  • The palette of Shu's sprite (Team Pilaf Grunt) in the Fame Checker about Kami
  • The palette of the bag sprite for "Thief" move animation (when an item is stolen)

Version 1 – Sept. 25, 2015 Edit

The link in the header contains general information about the game mixed with the newer updates, but summarizes what DBZ Team Training is about quite nicely.

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