011Piccolo 2
Super Piccolo
His heavy clothes are removed, he's stronger and speedier than his first form. He could even beat a Saiyan.
ID # 011 Height 6' 03"
Species Namekian Fighter Weight 198.4 lbs.
Type Fighting Grass
Evolves from Piccolo (Lv 20)
Evolves into None

Natural Cure: Heals upon switching out.

Location(s) Berry Forest (Lvl 37-38)

Evolutions Edit

Super Piccolo does not evolve any further. Kamiccolo (the Nameless Namekian) is not included in the game.

Moves Learned Edit

Has the same moveset as Piccolo, but does not learn Antenna Beam.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
3 Kick Fighting 35 95 50 -
8 Kyodaika/ Giant Form Grass 20 - - Raises ATTACK and DEFENSE
15 Makankosappo/ Special Beam Cannon Electric 5 40/50 170 Charges on 1st turn, hits on 2nd
25 Light Grenade Fire 10 95 100 -
32 Hell Zone Fire 10 100 100 Never misses
60 Hyper Mode Normal 15 - - Raises SP. ATK sharply

Note: the newest version of the game increases Makankosappo's accuracy from 40% to 50%.

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