089Super Buu
Super Buu
The dark side of Buu has overtaken him. He's an awful demon.
ID # 089 Height 6' 03"
Species Evil Fighter Weight 202.8 lbs.
Type Normal Dark
Evolves from Evil Buu (Lv 38)
Evolves into Kid Buu (Lv 45)
Buutenks when fused with a Gotenks 3 at the Fusion Machine in Roshi Island Lab (30,000 Zeni)
Buuhan when fused with an Ultimate Gohan at the Fusion Machine in Roshi Island Lab (30,000 Zeni)

Natural Cure: Heals upon switching out.
Terror: Helps repel fighters.

Location(s) Post-Game:
Imperial Cave (Lvl 52/64)

Evolutions Edit

Buu's final evolution is Kid Buu (45). You can also fuse him with Gotenks 3 to form Buutenks, or with Ultimate Gohan to form Buuhan. The level of this fusion will be an average of the two fusees.

The following forms for Buu are not available in the game:

  • Super Buu w/ Piccolo (Buuccolo)
  • Super Buu w/ South Kaioshin (Buff Buu)

Moves Learned Edit

Moves Buu starts to learn in Super Form:

  • Punch (1)

Moves Buu only learns in Super Form:

  • Mouth Blast (34)
  • Ki Bomber (38)
  • Explosion (50)
Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Power Up Normal 30 - - Raises ATTACK
12 Wrath Normal 20 100 90 User thrashes around for 2-3 turns, then becomes confused
17 Meteor Rush Fighting 20 100 15 2-5 hits
22 Distorsion Normal 30 - - Endure any hit with 1 HP left
34 Mouth Blast Fire 20 100 95 -
38 Ki Bomber Fire 20 100 80 -
50 Explosion Fire 5 100 250 Targets everyone
User faints

Update History Edit

Version 6:

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