143SSG Vegeta
SSG Vegeta
It's the Super Saiyan God form of Vegeta. He has the power of a god.
ID # 139 Height 5' 03"
Species Saiyan Fighter Weight 143.3 lbs.
Type Fighting Fire
Evolves from Majin Vegeta using God Stone
Evolves into SSB Vegeta (Lv 55)

Huge Power: Raises ATTACK.

Location(s) Post-Game:
Can be caught VERY RARELY as a legendary fighter (Lvl 50) in grass patches ONLY IF your starter is Vegeta.
Note: Must have the National Scouter and have given the Ruby and Sapphire to Celio on One Island first!

Vegeta has only used this form in the Dragon Ball Super manga. In Version 4, unlike with SSG Goku and SSG Gohan, you do not need the National Scouter to use the God Stone to get SSG Vegeta. This is only relevant for Version 4, where the requirement of catching 60 fighters to get the National Scouter is still valid. This benefit is still present in later versions of the game.

Base Stats Edit

HP: 120

Attack: 105

Defense: 95

Sp. Atk: 119

Sp. Def: 120

Speed: 121

Evolutions Edit

SSG Vegeta evolves to SSB Vegeta (Lvl 55). There are two ways to unlock this fighter:

  1. VegetaSSJ Vegeta (16) → Majin Vegeta (36) → SSG Vegeta (via God Stone).
  2. Catch an SSG Vegeta (Lvl 50) in the wild.

Moves Learned Edit

Moves Vegeta only learns in SSG Form:

  • God Fist (50)
Lvl Move Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Power Burst Normal 20 - - Raises SP. ATK and SP. DEF
15 Final Flash Fire 20 100 100 -
25 Big Bang Fire 5 100 120 -
30 Energy Punch Fighting 15 100 85 Raises ATTACK (30% chance)
40 Hyper Mode Normal 15 - - Raises SP. ATK sharply
50 God Fist Fighting 10 100 200 -
60 Explosion Normal 5 100 250 -

Update History Edit

Version 4:

  • Fighter was added to the game.

Up until Version 3, the only god form of Vegeta available was SSB Vegeta, which you would be able to catch in the wild at Lvl 50.