135SSGSS Vegeta
SSB Vegeta
A level beyond the basic Super Saiyan God level. Vegeta never showed the Super Saiyan God level.
ID # 245 Height 5' 03"
Species Saiyan Fighter Weight 143.3 lbs.
Type Fighting, Fire
Evolves from SSG Vegeta (Lv 55)
Evolves into

Huge Power: Raises ATTACK.

Location(s) Obtained via evolution

Evolutions Edit

Also known as SSGSS Vegeta, evolves from SSG Vegeta.

Moves Learned Edit

Tied for fewest moves (5) with SSG Gohan and SSG Goku.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 God Fist Fighting 10 100 200 -
5 Power Burst Normal 20 - - Raises SP. ATK and SP. DEF
15 Big Bang Fire 5 100 120 -
30 Final Cannon Fire 5 100 200 -
60 Full Power Normal 15 - - Raises ATTACK sharply

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