142SSB Gohan
SSB Gohan
This is the level 2 of Super Saiyan God. His power can overcome the one of a god.
ID # 138 Height 5' 11"
Species Saiyan Fighter Weight 187.4 lbs.
Type Fighting Fire
Evolves from SSG Gohan (Lv 55)
Evolves into None

Clear Body: Prevents ability reduction.

Location(s) National Scouter Required: Only obtained through evolution.

Also known as SSGSS Gohan. Gohan does not have this form in any official Dragon Ball material.

Evolutions Edit

God Gohan does not evolve any further. There are two ways to unlock this fighter:

  1. GohanSSJ Gohan (16) → Ultimate Gohan (36) → SSG Gohan (God Stone) → SSB Gohan (55)
  2. Catch an SSG Gohan (Lvl 50) in the wild.

Kid Gohan and Teen Gohan are two different Fighters that can be caught separately and evolved differently, as such:

The following forms for Gohan are not included in the game:

  • SSJ Grade 4 (Full Power SSJ / Mastered SSJ)
  • SSJ2 (Adult) Gohan

Moves Learned Edit

Moves God Gohan only learns in SSB Form:

  • God Kamehameha (55)
  • Shield (60)
Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Power Burst Normal 20 - - Raises SP. ATK and SP. DEF
15 Kamehameha Fire 20 100 100 -
25 Guard Normal 40 - - Raises DEFENSE
40 Dragon Rush Fighting 20 95 90 -
55 God Kamehameha Fire 5 100 230 -
60 Shield Psychic 15 - - Raises SP. DEF sharply

Update History Edit

Version 4: Fighter was added to the game.

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