Mount Paozu Edit

Mount Paozu

You'll start the game in your room. Before leaving, go to the PC and take out the Onigiri stored in it (restores 20 HP).

Head towards the grass area, and Dr. Brief will stop you to pick your starter fighter in his lab, out of Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan (all Lvl 5). Keep in mind that your starter choice will also determine which Super Saiyan God you can catch in the wild once you beat the Dragon League.

Once you choose a fighter, your rival will choose a different one, and you'll battle each other.

Once you win, your fighter will level up to 6, you'll get the Scouter (Pokédex) from Dr. Brief, and you'll be given a Parcel to take to the Aru Village Mart.

Take the north exit to Route 1.

Route 1 and Aru Village Edit

Route 1

Talk to the girl and you'll get one more Onigiri. On this path, you'll find Saibamen and Bear Theives, both at lower levels than your fighter. To farm here, it's best to first go straight through to Aru Village, heal at the Healing Center, then farm so you don't have to use your Onigiris and get stuck.

Fighter Sprite Lvl Range Exp Range Encounter Rate
Mini024 Saibaman
2-5 16-39 Lvl 2: 10%
Lvl 3: 35%
Lvl 4: 4%
Lvl 5: 1%
Bear Thief
Mini016 Bear Thief
2-4 16-31 Lvl 2: 10%
Lvl 3: 35%
Lvl 4: 5%

When you reach Aru Village, go into the Mart, then take the Parcel back to Mount Paozu.

To be safe, you should grind to Lvl 10-12 in Route 1. That way, you should have no problem defeating your rival in Route 22.


Aru VillageEdit

Route 22Edit

Fighter Sprite Lvl Range Exp Range Encounter Rate
Mini024 Saibaman
2-4 16-31 Lvl 2: 10%
Lvl 3: 5%
Lvl 4: 4%
Mini012 Krillin
3-5 23-39 Lvl 3: 20%
Lvl 4: 15%
Lvl 5: 1%
Mini013 Yamcha
3-5 22-37 Lvl 3: 30%
Lvl 4: 14%
Lvl 5: 1%
In Water
Mini094 Aqua
20-40 154-308 Lvl 20-25: 90%
Lvl 25-30: 5%
Lvl 30-35: 4%
Lvl 35-40: 1%

Here u find Yamcha and Krillin. Both are meh, so you can add them to collection or leave them there

then proceed to Route 2 and North Forest

North Forest Edit

North Forest: Edit

  • Tanbarina: 256 - Fraco contra a luta
  • Drum: 237 - Weak against Fighting moves
  • Piccolo: 290 - Evolve into Super Piccolo - 419. Decent but not the best
  • SSB Goku

U'll find 5 trainers here. 1 can't dodge, he has lv9 Saibamen

And then after route 2 you should go to Nugget bridge where you will find a level 50 SSB Goku

Route 2: Edit

  • Raditz: 273
  • Turles: 293

Both have same skillset, so choose Turles over Raditz

It's your choice to train him or not, since they can evolve into Oosaru with a Moon Stone

Or u can catch Oosaru later and save Moon stone for Kid Gohan (extra exp)

First Gym: Edit

Your team should be lv13+ since they Saiyans have "Saiyan Power" which up their Attack and Defend, really hard to take out.

If you going solo with your Starter, it's should be lv15+

Fighter Level Exp Notes
Yajirobe Saiyan Realm Gym

Badge: Saiyanbadge

Reward Saiyanbadge, $1400, TM02 (Energy Punch)
Reoompensa $ 1.000.000,00