He's a tough and ruthless Saiyan. His armor combined with his imposing body makes him invincible. Well, almost.
ID # 026 Height 6' 03"
Species Saiyan Fighter Weight 264.6 lbs.
Type Fighting
Evolves from None
Evolves into Oosaru (Lv Any via Moon Stone)

Battle Armour: Blocks critical hits.

Location(s) Route 3 (Lvl 6-8)
Mt. Moon Cave (Lvl 8-10)

Moves Learned Edit

Has a similar moveset to Raditz, Turles, Bardock, and King Vegeta.

Lvl Move Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Tail Smash Normal 20 95 60 -
13 Saiyan Power Normal 20 - - Raises ATTACK and DEFENSE
20 Mouth Blast Fire 20 100 95 -
27 Headbutt Normal 15 100 70 Flinch (20% chance)
35 Zenkai Normal 10 - - Costs 1/2 full HP to maximize ATTACK

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