Metal Rilldo
Rilldo has transformed his body into a mass of steel. He can use this element as he wishes.
ID # 122 Height 6' 03"
Species Metal Fighter Weight 260.1 lbs.
Type Steel, Fighting
Evolves from Mega Rilldo with Metal Coat
Evolves into None

Limber: Prevents paralysis.
Chase: Prevents fleeing.

Location(s) Only obtained through evolution with Metal Coat.

Evolutions Edit

Metal Rilldo does not evolve any further.

Moves Learned Edit

Moves Rilldo only learns in Metal Form:

  • Energy Shot (23) (also learned by Base Rilldo)
  • Dizzy Punch (33) (also learned by Base Rilldo)
  • Distorsion (50)
Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Harden Steel 30 - - Raises DEFENSE sharply
12 Lock-On Steel 5 100 - Next attack cannot miss
23 Energy Shot Fire 25 90 90 -
33 Dizzy Punch Fighting 10 100 65 Confusion (20% chance)
50 Distorsion Normal 30 - - Endure any hit with 1 HP left

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