This big creature can shoot energy balls with the cannons on its belly. It comes directly from hell.
ID # 098 Height 13' 01"
Species Wizard Fighter Weight 2667.5 lbs.
Type Dark, Normal
Evolves from None
Evolves into Super Janemba (Lv 45)

Synchronize: Passes on status problems.
Thick Fat: Heat-and-cold protection.

Location(s) Received via trade (offer Majin Buu) @ Roshi's Island, Science Lab Room 1
Victory Road (Lvl 34-48)

Evolutions Edit

Janemba evolves once to Super Janemba (45).

Moves Learned Edit

Janemba has no moves in common with Super Janemba (and is the only fighter for which this is the case).

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Body Slam Normal 15 100 85 Paralysis (20% chance)
10 Headbutt Normal 15 100 70 Flinch (20% chance)
16 Meteor Rush Fighting 20 100 15 2-5 hits
23 Ki Bomber Fire 20 100 80 -
30 Kinesis Rock 15 100 60 -
42 Dizzy Punch Fighting 10 100 65 Confusion (20% chance)
53 Wrath Normal 20 100 90 User thrashes around for 2-3 turns, then becomes confused

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