Key Items Edit

Dragon Balls Edit

The Dragon Balls are scattered across the game. Gather and bring all seven to the Old Man in Mayko Town, and he'll summon Shenron for you to fight (and catch). You can only face Shenron ONCE though, and the Dragon Balls will be removed from your inventory afterwards, so only hand in the Dragon Balls when you're prepared to catch him!

Item Name Location Notes
1-Star Dragon Ball Below RR Base (in a truck) Only accessible via surfing
2-Star Dragon Ball Route 20 behind a rock on an island
3-Star Dragon Ball Mt. Moon near exit
4-Star Dragon Ball Indigo Plateau, just before the center
5-Star Dragon Ball Capsule Corp after beating Pilaf
6-Star Dragon Ball Route 10 hidden behind a row of trees
7-Star Dragon Ball Route 8 to the north, over Rock Tunnel

Ape Tails (Post-Game) Edit

There are just three (3) ape tails in the game that you can find and give to these fighters: SSJ3 Goku (evolves to SSJ4 Goku), Majin Vegeta (evolves to SSJ4 Vegeta), and SSJ Gogeta (evolves to SSJ4 Gogeta). This is the only means to unlock all three fighters, so be careful not to misuse these! The locations are as follows:

  • Pilaf Warehouse: just follow the tips for the sapphire to get to this place.
  • Lost Cave: Go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, up.
  • Seven Island @ Sevault Canyon: Behind some rocks. You need the HMs Rock Smash and Strength.

God Stones (Post-Game) Edit

Like the ape tails, the god stones allow fighters to evolve into gods. This item can be used on the following fighters: SSJ3 Goku (evolves into SSG Goku), Majin Vegeta (evolves into SSG Vegeta), Ultimate Gohan (evolves into SSG Gohan), and SSJ Vegeto (evolves into SSB Vegeto). Out of all four, the only Saiyan God that can be caught is the one respective to your starter (eg. if you start with Vegeta, you can encounter SSG Vegeta). The prerequisites to encountering a Saiyan God are (i) to beat the Dragon League and (ii) to give Celio the ruby and sapphire. Note that there are four (4) fighters that can use the god stones, but only three (3) stones! The locations of the stones are:

  • Capture/beat both Zamasu and Black on Navel Rock, and talk to Gowasu again to get one as a gift.
  • Whis holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.
  • Beerus holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.

TM/HM Case Edit

Along your journey, you'll come along items known as TMs (Technical Machines) and HMs (Hidden Machines). Put simply, these items are used to teach moves to your fighters, as opposed to having them learn a small number of moves via levelling up. Not all fighters can learn all moves, however. Below, you'll find the details for each type. For details on the moves originally from Pokemon: Fire Red, visit PsyPokes' guide to TMs/HMs.

To see the TMs and HMs each fighter can learn, visit the TMs and HMs page.

TMs Edit

There are 31 TMs in total. Each TM can be used once to teach a fighter a move, and then disappears from your inventory's case. TM moves are only used in battle and, just like regular fighter moves, can be replaced anytime by another TM move, a new fighter move learned via level up, or an HM move. Most TMs can be bought, and can also be obtained through defeating trainers or found on the ground.

ID Move # Name Cost (Zeni) Location Notes
01 183 Mach Punch 3000 Z-Store (West City)
02 179 Energy Punch
03 340 Diving Kick
04 223 Dynamite Kick
05 74 Power Up 1000 Z-Store (West City)
06 110 Guard
07 97 Speed Up
08 104 Zanzoken/ Afterimage
09 21 Tail Smash
10 245 Shunkan/ Dash Attack 3000 Z-Store (West City)
11 344 Flash Attack 80,000 Game Corner (West City) Costs 4000 coins
12 46 Energy Ball 3000 Z-Store (West City)
13 52 Energy Shot 3000 Z-Store (West City)
14 73 Eye Beam
15 61 Kikoha/ Ki Blast 7500 Z-Store (West City)
16 64 Mouth Blast
17 295 Energy Field
18 53 Fire Breath
19 75 Kienzan/ Destructo Disk 70,000 Game Corner (West City) Costs 3500 coins
20 79 Kamehameha
21 173 Shield
22 322 Telepathy
23 100 Teleport
24 246 Kinesis 60,000 Game Corner (West City) Costs 3000 coins
25 93 Kiai 60,000 Game Corner (West City) Costs 3000 coins
26 269 Taunt
27 168 Thief
28 91 Dig TM-only move
29 153 Explosion
30 37 Dragon Rush 80,000 Game Corner (West City) Costs 4000 coins
42 263 Final Kamehameha TM-only move; used to be Facade until ver 1.3

HMs Edit

There are 7 HMs in DBZ Team Training. Unlike TMs, HMs can be used an unlimited number of times. They cannot be bought, as they are only obtained once and then forever retained in your inventory. As well, they can be used out of battle to unlock new pathways, and thus are necessary to complete the game. The number of fighters who can learn HM moves is usually small. The only way to forget an HM move is through the Move Deleter, who you encounter near the end of the game (post-game segment aside). Thus, it is highly recommended to spend HMs on "dummy" fighters who you carry in your party solely for the HMs.

ID Move # Name Power/Acc/PP Location Description
1 15 Cut 50 / 95 / 30 RR Base: given by the Captain on the SS Anne. A basic attack. It can be used to cut down thin trees and grass
2 19 Fly 70 / 95 / 15 Route 16: given by a woman in a house (behind a tree that can be cut). A 2-turn move that hits on the 2nd turn. Use it to fly to any known town
3 57 Surf 95 / 100 / 15 Babidi Zone, Area 3: given by the attendant in the Secret House. A big wave crashes down on the foe. Can also be used for crossing water.
4 70 Strength 80 / 100 / 15 Ginger Town: given by the warden after you give him the gold teeth. The foe is slugged at maximum power. Can also be used to move boulders.
5 148 Taiyouken (Flash) – / 85 / 20 Route 2 post-RR Cave: given by a scientist in the building. A blast of light that cuts the foe's accuracy. It also illuminates caves.
6 249 Rock Smash 40 / 100 / 15 One Island @ Kindle Road: given by a man in the Ember Spa. An attack that may also cut DEFENSE. It can also smash cracked boulders.
7 127 Waterfall 80 / 100 / 15 Four Island in Icefall Cave (post-game). A powerful charge attack. It can also be used to climb a waterfall.

Items on the Ground Edit

North Forest Edit

  • Capsule on the center-left side
  • Onigiri on the bottom-right side
  • Repel on the pathway from the right
  • Onigiri in there grass-less area near the exit

Ocarina is received from Kami at the top of God tower in Mayko Town.

Hidden Items Edit

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