Like Pokemon - Fire Red, Dragon Ball Z: Team Training has 8 Gyms that can be challenged, not including the Dragon League at the end of the game.

Fighter Level Exp Notes
Yajirobe Saiyan Realm Gym

Badge: Saiyanbadge

Raditz 12
Nappa 14
Reward Saiyanbadge, $1400, TM02 (Energy Punch)
Muri Namek Town Gym

Badge: Namekbadge

Ginyu 19
Frieza 22
Reward Namekbadge, $2100, TM14 (Eye Beam)
General Red Red Ribbon Base Gym

Badge: Redbadge

C-18 21
C-17 21
C-16 24
Reward Redbadge, $2400, TM17 (Energy Field)
Boss Pilaf 1 Pilaf Hideout
Tanbarin 24
Piccolo 25
King Piccolo 29
Reward $2900, A-Scouter
Bulma West City Gym

Badge: Biobadge

Bug Cell 27
Imperfect Cell 29
Perfect Cell 33
Reward Biobadge, $3300, TM21 (Shield)
Boss Pilaf 2 Capsule Corp
Garlic 37
Tanbarin 35
Super Piccolo 37
King Piccolo 41
Reward $4100, Golden Capsule, Dragon Ball 5
Black Belt Koichi Satan City Dojo
Spopovich 37
Yamu 37
Reward $[INSERT AMOUNT], Spopovich OR Yamu (Lvl 25)
Satan Satan City Gym Badge: Satanbadge
SSJ Goten 37
SSJ Trunks 38
C-18 38
Majin Buu 43
Reward Satanbadge, $4300, TM04 (Dynamite Kick)
Babidi Ginger Town Gym Badge: Majinbadge
Pui Pui 37
Yakon 37
Dabura 38
Majin Buu 44
Reward Majinbadge, $4300, TM23 (Teleport)
Master Roshi Roshi Island Gym Badge: Wisdombadge
Krillin 42
Yamcha 40
SSJ Goten 42
SSJ3 Goku 47
Reward Wisdombadge, $4700, TM20 (Kamehameha)
Pilaf Aru Village Gym Badge: Pilafbadge
Tanbarin 42
Drum 42
Garlic 2 44
Super Piccolo 45
King Piccolo 50
Reward Pilafbadge, $5000, TM27 (Thief)

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