Golden Oozaru
Golden Oozaru is the second state of the regular great ape. His strength is even higher.
ID # 136 Height 32' 10"
Species Ape Fighter Weight 4734.1 lbs.
Type Normal Fire
Evolves from Oozaru (Lv 45)
SSJ Bardock using Moon Stone
Evolves into None

Intimidate: Lowers the foes ATTACK.

Location(s) Only obtained through evolution.

Evolutions Edit

This fighter can be evolved into in a few ways:

Moves Learned Edit

Golden Oozaru has the exact same moveset as Oozaru. It doesn't learn any moves after evolving since its highest-level move is learned at Lvl 44.

Lvl Move Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
13 Tail Smash Normal 20 95 60 -
22 Crush Normal 20 100 85 x2 dmg if target minimized
Flinch (30% chance)
28 Oozaru Beam Fire 10 100 110 -
36 Crunch Normal 20 100 70 Lowers SP. DEF (20% chance)
44 Body Slam Normal 15 100 85 Paralysis (20% chance)

Update History Edit

Version 6:

  • Can be attained by using a Moon Stone on SSJ Bardock.

Version 3: Fighter was added to the game.

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