Golden Ape Baby
No Description
ID # 156 Height N/A
Species N/A Weight N/A
Type Dark Fire
Evolves from Baby Vegeta (Lv Any via Moon Stone)
Evolves into None

Intimidate: Lowers the foe's ATTACK.

Location(s) Only obtainable via evolution.

Evolutions Edit

Golden Ape Baby does not evolve any further. The following forms are not available in the game:

  • Infant Baby
  • Adult Baby
  • Base Baby Vegeta
  • SSJ Baby Vegeta
  • Super Baby Vegeta 1 / Strongest Form 1 Baby Vegeta

Has no ties to the fighters Vegeta or SSG Vegeta.

Moves Learned Edit

If you want Golden Ape Baby to retain the Big Bang attack (Fire / 5 / 100 / 120), it is recommended to evolve Baby Vegeta after Lvl 50. Baby Vegeta already learns Revenge Ball at Lvl 45, so you don't have to worry about missing out on that move.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Tail Smash Normal 20 95 60 -
10 Crush Normal 20 100 85 x2 dmg if target minimized

Flinch (30% chance)

18 Body Slam Normal 15 100 85 Paralyzis (20% chance)
23 Oosaru Beam Fire 10 100 110 -
30 Crunch Normal 20 100 70 Lowers SP. DEF (20% chance)
50 Revenge Ball Dark 5 100 175 -

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