088Evil Buu
Evil Buu
He's the dark side of Buu. All Buu's negative feelings are gathered within this form.
ID # 088 Height 6' 03"
Species Majin FIghter Weight 174.2 lbs.
Type Normal, Dark
Evolves from Majin Buu (Lv 25)
Evolves into Super Buu (Lv 38)

Natural Cure: Heals upon switching out.
Terror: Helps repel fighters.

Location(s) Only obtained through evolution.

Evolutions Edit

Buu's further evolutions are Super Buu (38) and Kid Buu (45). The Super Buu absorption forms (Super Buu w/ Piccolo/South Kaioshin/Gotenks/Gohan absorbed) are not included in the game.

Moves Learned Edit

Moves Buu starts to learn in Evil Form:

  • Kikoha/ Ki Blast (28) (also learned by Kid Buu)

Moves Buu only learns in Evil Form:

  • Kick (1)
  • Dizzy Punch (43)
Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Kick Fighting 35 95 50 -
5 Power Up Normal 30 - - Raises ATTACK
12 Wrath Normal 20 100 90 User thrashes around for 2-3 turns, then becomes confused
17 Meteor Rush Fighting 20 100 15 2-5 hits
22 Distorsion Normal 30 - - Endure any hit with 1 HP left
28 Kikoha/ Ki Blast Fire 20 100 90 -
43 Dizzy Punch Fighting 10 100 65 Confusion (20% chance)

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