068Cell Junior
Cell Junior
This little monster is the offspring of Cell. He's speedy and it's hard to hit him.
ID # 068 Height 4' 03"
Species Bio-monster Fighter Weight 72.8 lbs.
Type Bug, Fighting
Evolves from None
Evolves into None

Speed Boost: Gradually boosts SPEED.
Pickup: Picks up items.

Location(s) Routes 13/14/18/17 (Lvl 24-28)
Babidi Zone (Lvl 25)
Raichi's Lab (Lvl 24-26)
Three Island @ Berry Forest (Lvl 35-36)

Six Island @ Pattern Bush (Lvl 32-35)

Inside Rocks:
Imperial Cave (Lvl 31-55)

Moves Learned Edit

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Headbutt Normal 15 100 70 Flinch (20% chance)
5 Zanzoken/ Afterimage Normal 15 - - Raises evasiveness
13 Kienzan/ Destructo Disk Fire 15 75 80 High crit. chance
23 Shunkan/ Dash Attack Normal 10 100 75 Hits before foe
30 Team Attack Normal 10 100 10 Power increases depending on number of party members
38 Sky Uppercut Fighting 15 90 85 -
50 Makankosappo/ Special Beam Cannon Electric 5 50 170 Charges on 1st turn, hits on 2nd

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