He's said to be the fastest fighter in the universe, but it's a rumor...
ID # 039 Height 6' 07"
Species Elite Fighter Weight 242.5 lbs.
Type Fighting
Evolves from None
Evolves into None

Chase: Prevents fleeing.
Speed Boost: Gradually boosts SPEED.

Location(s) Babidi Zone (Lvl 25/27)

Moves Learned Edit

Burter has 3 out of 7 moves that hit before the foe, which is good for quick fights without taking much damage.

Lvl Move Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Mach Punch Fighting 30 100 40 Hits before foe
5 Speed Up Normal 25 - - Raises SPEED sharply
10 Shunkan/ Dash Attack Normal 10 100 75 Hits before foe
14 Energy Ball Fire 30 100 60 -
20 Flash Attack Electric 15 100 90 Hits before foe
27 Team Attack Normal 10 100 10 Power increases depending on number of party members
40 Kikoha/ Ki Blast Fire 20 100 90 -

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