He looks like Goku because a god stole Goku's body and became Black.
ID # 141 Height 5' 11"
Species Shinjin Fighter Weight 176.4 lbs.
Type Fighting Dark
Evolves from None
Evolves into SSR Black (Lv 55)

Blaze: Ups Fire moves in a pinch.

Location(s) Post-Game:
On Navel Rock – you need the mystic ticket from Gowasu in Outcast Island (on Six Island) to get there. Go all the way down the cave, turn right, and go down 12 floors to meet him (Lvl 60) - ONE BATTLE ONLY

Evolutions Edit

Goku Black evolves as such:

Goku Black → SSR Black (55) → M-Zamasu (Potara fusion with Zamasu).

SSJ Black (Super manga only) is not available in the game.

Moves Learned Edit

It is HIGHLY recommended to prevent Black from evolving into SSR Black until Lvl 66. The reason is that only Base Black learns Dragon Fist, which is the only one-hit KO move in the game. When you get Black, he would have God Slicer, Black Ball, Black Kamehameha, and Hyper Mode as his moves. If you keep him from evolving until Lvl 66, you can replace one of those with Dragon Fist.

If you don't want DF, you can evolve him before Lvl 66 and have him learn Power Burst (a more powerful version of Hyper Mode which maximizes SP. ATK). It boils down to which you think would make him more useful or interesting to you.

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
7 Kaioken Fire 15 - - Raises ATTACK and SPEED
10 Kaioken Rush Fighting 10 100 80 May raise ATTACK (30% chance)
Good with Kaioken
15 Kamehameha Fire 20 100 100 -
25 Genki Dama Fire 5 100 150 Charges on 1st turn, hits on 2nd
30 Diving Kick Fighting 10 100 85 Charges on 1st turn, hits on 2nd
Cannot be hit during charge-up
35 God Slicer Psychic 15 100 100 High crit. chance
40 Black Ball Dark 15 100 120 Lowers foe's SP. DEF (20% chance)
45 Black Kamehameha Dark 5 100 200 -
50 Hyper Mode Normal 15 - - Raises SP. ATK sharply
65 Dragon Fist Dragon 5 40 One-hit KO

Update History Edit

Version 6:

  • New Evolution Capability: SSR Black + Zamasu = M-Zamasu.
  • Move "Black Ball" power dropped: 140→120.
  • Move "Black Kamehameha" power dropped: 220→200.

Version 4:

  • Fighter was added to the game.