Baby Vegeta
Baby took possession of Vegeta's body to become stronger. He perfectly master his power.
ID # 133 Height 5' 11"
Species Tuffle Fighter Weight 187.4 lbs.
Type Dark, Fighting
Evolves from Baby (Lv 40)
Evolves into None

Parry: Prevents critical hits.

Location(s) Only obtained through evolution.

This form is also known as Super Baby Vegeta 2, or Strongest Form 2 Baby Vegeta.

Evolutions Edit

Baby Vegeta does not evolve any further. The following forms aren't available in the game:

  • Infant Baby
  • Adult Baby
  • Base Baby Vegeta
  • SSJ Baby Vegeta
  • Super Baby Vegeta 1 / Strongest Form 1 Baby Vegeta

Has no ties to the fighters Vegeta or SSG Vegeta.

Moves Learned Edit

The only move Baby Vegeta has in common with Baby is Revenge Ball, and the levels are different (45 vs. 35).

It is recommended to evolve Baby Vegeta after Lvl 50 so Golden Ape Baby retains the Big Bang attack (as well as the Revenge Ball from Baby Vegeta).

Lvl Name Type PP Acc Power Effect
1 Punch Fighting 35 100 40 -
5 Power Up Normal 30 - - Raises ATTACK
10 Garric Gun Fire 20 100 95 -
15 Final Flash Fire 20 100 100 -
25 Wrath Normal 20 100 90 User thrashes around for 2-3 turns, then becomes confused
45 Revenge Ball Dark 5 100 175 -
50 Big Bang Fire 5 100 120 -

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